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Re: Clan Sinclair Australia

What great news it is to learn that you have established a Clan
Sinclair Association in Australia.

	On behalf of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada, we extend to you
congratulations and the very best wishes for the holiday season and for
the year 2000.

	Hoping to meet some of you in Caithness next summer,

			Bill Sinclair
			Clan Sinclair Association of Canada

	I am forwarding this note on behalf of the Luddite, Bill Sinclair...I
print many of your messages for him and try to keep him informed...but
you should all torture him to join our technological world and
contribute to this list....

Bill can always be found at:
200 Spinnaker Drive
Halifax. Nova Scotia
B3N 3C6

phone/fax: 902 479 7470
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