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Clan Sinclair Australia

Hi Margaret:
And a hearty welcome to the Sinclair "groups of the world" from all the members of Clan Sinclair USA!  As you and I have been saying lately in our e-mails,  this allows us to change the current seating arrangement from the three legged stool(Scotland,Canada,USA) to a more dignified chair.  But Niven has cautioned us all not to have arms on the chair because we have much too much to do - agreed.
Whenever you are ready we will add another waving flag to our website so that the fourth and newest group can join the parade(www.clansinclairusa.org)  Tell everyone how you got organized and about your plans. We will exchange news stories in our respective newsletters as we now do  with Scotland and Canada. I have mailed you a copy of our "Yours Aye" newsletter, published this month.
I see that a number of our members have given you their personal welcome since you have gone  "public" - just another indication of our enthusiasm.  For our members who read this may I encourage you to add your greetings to our cousins "down under".
With warmest regards,
Brad Sinclair Barker
Clan Sinclair USA