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Re: Scotish Research

>    Does anyone have any good research so we can see about  who actual
>claims temporary ownership to the Sinclair property and lands in
>Scotland?   The day is coming when Sinclairs worldwide  will vote a board
>of directors to manage their property, funds and  assets.   Modern science
>has allowed us to x-ray rock  ground, depths, densities, caverns, etc.  We
>used this method below the  3000 ft level underground to find ore veins
>after we had lost it on  occations.  I read somewhere this method was
>used, sponsored by the Egypt  government, to research on and around the
>piramids.  Any of our good  people have expertice in this field?   Donald
>H. Sinclair  

I doubt x-rays can penetrate 3000 ft.into bedrock.  Not even radar will
penetrate that far.  Radar does penetrate several feet into the ground; how
far is a function of the type of rock or soil being probed and the
intensity of the incident radiation.  Off the top of my head, I don't know
any hard numbers.  Sound propagates well in rock.  Miners tell tales of
talking rocks.  The earth's motion generates stress waves that propagate at
various speeds in rock strata, scatter off cracks and fissures, caves
too... and fluid inclusions such as oil.

I'm not a Sinclair.  Some of my ancestory derives from Wales, some from
Scotland via Henderson, which is my middle name, and some from Germany and
England.  I find some of the discussions on the Sinclair list interesting.

I would like some information on a loch in Scotland.  Which loch?  I don't
know.  I'm thinking to use a land locked loch, not one open to the sea by
any surface conduit.  But every map of Scotland I look at has insufficient
resolution for my needs.  I don't know just yet where the geographical
placement of the loch should be, for I have not researched well enough
about a real loch to know how to describe it.  So I'm seeking a loch, the
name of a loch to look at.

On that loch I'm thinking to have a man and wife, an older couple living
aside a shore.  They have a collie.  I'm thinking to call them Campbell.
Now, after reading some of the history of Scotland, revealed in the notes
passed between Sinclairs, I realize that clan names, and inter-clan
associations have a raucous history.  There are Lowland Scots and Highland
Scots, too.

So I figure I must be careful, tactful even.  Campbell's soup sounds
innocuous to me.  I eat their chicken noodle and vegetable soup.  They were
part of the Scottish diaspora?  Are the Sinclairs?

McDonalds I might call the couple on the loch, or Henderson.



Sometimes a flipped coin lands on its edge

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