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Re: Sinclair's kidnapped or shipped as indentured servants

I found this most interesting, as I am experiencing a similar problem with
my earliest Sinclair ancestor - so, playing a long shot - I'll ask.

My earliest Sinclair ancestor is one John Sinclair, born around 1774/75,
based on his age as noted on his tombstone.  For most of his life he lived
in Hunterdon County, NJ, and was married to one Jemima Duckworth in 1798.  I
have been able fix most of his descendents but as to his parents and
ancestors, it's a blank.  And the strangest thing is, there are other
Sinclair living in the neighborhood but, as far as I can find, they are not
related to him.

By chance, does anyone have information relating to Sinclairs settling in
northwestern NJ?

Bruce D. Sinclair

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> At 09:29 01/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >Hello Cousins & Friends,
> >     I am stuck on my earliest ancestor, William Sinclair, who first
> >in Quaker records declaring his marriage intentions at Providence
> >meeting in 1708 (Concord, PA monthly meeting).  After his marriage he and
> >wife, Phebe, became very active in the Quaker meetings they belonged to.
> >There is no record of William's removal from a Quaker meeting in Britain
> >ship's passage to PA.  In 1693 a Robert Sinclair appears in Chester
> >court as an indentured servant, brought from Scotland. He adopted the
> >faith and settled in Nottingham, PA, after the term of his indenture.  In
> >1710 (the year after William & Phebe's marriage) a Margaret Sinclair
> >Joseph Brown (Quaker) only a few miles from William's Quaker meeting
> >and they settled in Nottingham, PA.
> >     These 3 Sinclair's have the Quaker faith in common and all 3 are
> >recorded in roughly the same area (Chester county between Crum & Ridley
> >creeks).  2 of them first appear at their own marriages and 2 of them
> >in the same meeting place. We know that Robert is from Scotland but don't
> >know the exact details of his arrival.
> >     Can anyone shed some light on these "homeless" Sinclairs?
> >Lynn Sinclair
> >Delaware, USA
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> The St Clairs of the Isles gives us the following information about
> Sinclairs arriving in
> Northumberland County, Pennsylvania:
> Duncan Sinclair, a weaver, had three brothers, Neale, John and
> Archibald.  He also had
> one sister, Margaret.  They were all born in Scotland.  Their father
> name is not
> given) had one brother  (whose name is also omitted).  They fled from
> Scotland to
> Northern Ireland to escape religious or political persecution.  They went
> there about
> 1762 (so already we see that they could not have ben related to your
> William Sinclair
> or Robert Sinclair who, you said, arrived in Pennsylvania as early as
> and lived
> in Northern Ireland for 12 years before Duncan and Neale left for America
> in 1772.
> John, archibald and Margaret (who it was thought was married to a Mr
> Johnson,
> a teacher, - joined them later.
> Mr Johnson is said to have settled in Washingtonville where he became a
> teacher and farmer.
> He had a son and two daughters of whom the younger married her cousin,
> Robert Templeton
> Sinclair.
> Duncan Sinclair, the weaver referred to above, served three years as a
> volunteer with General
> Green in the United States army.  He married Hannah Templeton and died in
> Geneseo, N.Y.
> in 1833.  He had issue:
>                          Robert Templeton Sinclair born Derry,
> 1797
> Neale Sinclair also had issue:
>                          John Sinclair who lived in Milton, Pennsylvania.
> Robert Templeton Sinclair went with his parents to New York in 1799 (when
> he was only 2 years
> old) which was his home until his death.  He owned a homestead near
> Lakeville in Geneseo,
> overlooking Conesus Lake.  He married his cousin, Margaret Johnson, on
> May, 1821.  They
> had the following children:
> James born 1822,  married Emma Corwin in 1851.  He was a clergyman and
> in 1882
> Nancy born 1824, married (1) James Haynes in 1843 and (2) Revilo Bigelow
> 1859.
> John Henry born 1826 married Fannie Corwin (presumably a sister of Emma
> Corwin) and died in
>                          1883.  He was also a clergyman.
> Robert Templeton (the second) born 1828 married Elizabeth Haynes
> (presumably a sister of
>                          James Haynes).  He was a farmer in Geneseo -
> presumably inheriting
>                          his father's homestead.
> Mary born in 1830.  Died in 1849.
> Elizabeth Finney born 1836.  She married a Zerah Blakely in 1855.  They
> became missionaries in
>                          South Dakota.
> Margaret Hannah born 1838 was a teacher in Geneseo and died there in 1866.
> Edward Payson born 1841 became a resident of New York  City.
> Sorry, Lynn, if these Sinclairs do not marry up with your William and
> Robert but the information
> may of interest to other Sinclairs who may find a link with their own
> Whilst on the subject of Sinclairs of Pennsylvania, we shouldn't forget
> that General Arthur St Clair
> settled in the Ligonier Valley in Western Pennsylvania where he had an
> Estate of 10,881 acres of
> which 8,270 acres lay in Westmoreland County.  Later he moved to
> (also in Pennsylvania)
> and  died at Chestnut Ridge, Pennsylvania on 31st August, 1818 in much
> reduced circumstances
> because of the enforced sale of his vast Estate to meet debts which he
> incurred in trying to keep
> Washington's army from 'melting away' . He was never reimbursed for this
> vast expenditure on
> behalf of his adopted country.
> He was born in Thurso, Caithness, Scotland on 23rd March , 1736 so he must
> have lived to the ripe
> old age of 82 years.  He was a man of action who was equally efficient in
> civil or military matters.
> The General was President for the Society of Cincinnati for Pennsylvania -
> a Society which has already
> been referred to in earlier contributions to the Sinclair List and which
> may be of interest to present day
> members.
> Niven Sinclair
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