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Re: Re: Sinclair's kidnapped or shipped as indentured servants

Dear Niven
Thank you for responding to my query.  Yes, they were too late to be "my" 
family but I will file the info for future reference.   
On Friday I met with 2 fellow (American) Sinclair researchers from the list.  
We have been communicating via email in hopes of finding our 3 different 
William Sinclairs from the Delaware/Pennsylvania area.  Friday was our first 
meeting in person, we spent most of our time getting to know one another.  We 
hope to meet again in 2 weeks. 
I enjoy reading your posts to the list.  Someday I will make my Sinclair 
connection to Scotland and everything on the discussion list will have new 
meaning to me.
Thanks again for your help.  
Your cousin in spirit, Lynn Sinclair 
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