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Truth Requires Tolerance

There has been some lively discussion as of late, but I am fearful that it
may become sidetracked by the infusion of personal feelings which, rightly
so, should be left out of the discussions.  Lack of tolerance and the
ability to listen and respect the views of others is what caused Earl
William Sinclair to carve his messages in stone in anticipation that there
would be a day when objective and open minds would be more receptive.  The
important thing here is to agree to disagree.  We are dealing with issues
for which there is no clear cut answers.  Thus, the most we can do is
research and based on the facts before us, draw inferences and conclusion.
However, there may be others that have facts bearing on the subject that we
are unaware of.  Thus, listening becomes important.  There is an old,
ancient injunction to the effect "think twice before speaking once."
Hopefully, we can all learn from this (I am as guilty as any one else) as we
seek the truth. The important thing is to focus on the issue and not the
personalities involved, whether you agree or disagree.
Thank you,
Ward Ginn
Great Falls, Virginia

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