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Scythians and Sarmations - GOLD OF THE NOMADS

Greetings to the list members !

As many of you may already know , one of the early ancestors of those having 
Scottish / British descent were Scythians / Sarmatians .*

I have been researching these two groups extensively for the past year and 
wished to share with the list , the traveling exhibit which is now at the San 
Antonio Museum of Art ( Texas , USA ) which will travel to other USA cities 
before reaching Paris and then returning to the Ukraine .

Excerpts from the Museum web site :::

""The Scythians originated in the Central Asian steppes sometime in the early 
first millennium, B.C.  After migrating into what is present-day Ukraine, 
they flourished, from the seventh to the third centuries B.C., over a vast 
expanse of the steppe that stretched from the Danube, east across what is 
modern Ukraine and east of the
Black Sea into Russia.  Invincible for nearly four centuries, the Scythians 
were a people of great military skill and unrelenting ferocity.  They were 
also extremely influential patrons of the arts, and left behind an 
extraordinary legacy of both ruthless conquest and lavish artifacts.  Gold of 
the Nomads offers visitors a rare glimpse into the lives of these great 
warriors, whose brutality was matched only by their passion for exquisite 
ornament. ""

""Dr. Ellen Reeder noted "Many of the recently excavated objects in the 
exhibition constitute a new chapter, even a new book, on the 
interrelationships of the ancient Aegean world, the ancient Near East, and 
the steppes that extend from north of the Black Sea as far as the Altai 
Republic near Mongolia.   This exhibition and the
accompanying catalogue provide visitors and scholars alike a special 
opportunity to explore what is essentially a new frontier in the discipline 
of archaeology." ""


I would encourage all of our list members to see the exhibit and to also 
explore the history of these wonderful two peoples/ tribes /clans .

*Citations : (partial )
The Declaration of Arbroath
Art Of the Steppes ( Karl Jettmar ) English and German translations
Old Testament - Book Of Genesis

 I also hope you will find significant ,  the Museum citation that , from a 
timeline point of view , transitions us from "" the early first millennium, 
B.C. "" to the close of the second millenium A.D. !! 

Best regards to all ,
Joe Greigg ( William B. Sinclair - England/Wales 1835 )
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