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Re: geneology program

  I have only used the Family Tree Maker by Borderbound.  I like it, it is 
easy to work with and easy to update if desired when future  editions come 
out.  Most of the genealogical programs are set up to import and export 
GEDCOM files, the worldwide standard for genealogical files.  I have not used 
the discs that come with the programs extensively and personally would buy 
the version without discs unless the cost with the discs is minimal.  Most of 
the information I have gotten has come from two web sites:   ancestry.com   & 
 familysearch.org    I have also made many fruitful connections by posting 
messages on a wide range of web sites, mostly in the geographic area of the 
last known person.  Hope this was helpful.   If I can help in any way let me 
know.  Have a nice Christmas.        

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