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Re: Kidnapped

At 17:23 01/12/99 +0000, you wrote:
Does anyone know the book "Kidnapped"
by Robert Louis Stevenson?
It relates to the kidnapping of the
Earl of Caithness.
Dear Philip,
The book "The Kidnapped Child" by Dr Caroline Sinclair about the kidnapping of the
heir apparent to the Earl of Caithness is available from Ian Sinclair who, by a copy of
this e-mail, is asked to send you a copy.

The putative "Earl" in question came from the Broynach Branch of the family whose
legitimacy was challenged and  defeated at the time.  The position of the present Earl
is not in question.  His lineage is proven beyond any shadow of doubt.

Having read R.L.Stevenson's "Kidnapped" the similarity ends with the title.

Niven Sinclair