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New Scottish connection

    Our family is connected in a new way to Scotland.  Our son works for
PacificCorps which has just been acquired by ScottishPower:

ScottishPower PLC officials completed a $10.9 billion acquisition of
Portland-based PacifiCorp on Tuesday, celebrating the first purchase of a
U.S. electric utility by a foreign company but warning of job losses.
ScottishPower, the second-largest utility in Great Britian, brings
considerable resources to PacifiCorp, an underperforming company with 1.5
million customers and a six-state reach.
The Glasgow-based company could run into difficulties as it searches for
ways to cut costs, merge corporate cultures and wrestle with a complet
regulatory environment.  In addition, ScottishPower must deal with
objections to a recent request for a rate increase for PacificCorp.
But on Tuesday, with the deal officially sealed, excitement defined the
attitudes of the ScottishPower executives who shepherded the deal through
six state regulatory commissions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
"There are a lot of happy faces around here," said Alan Richardson, who
moved to Oregon from Glasgow soon after the purchase ffer was announced in
December 1998.

--I wonder whether Alan  Richardson was at the Tartan Ball the other night?
Portland, OR

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