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Re: The Stone of Scone or Destiny .

>Actually, the Oregonians think they are another country sometimes.  Ha.
>Historically, the southern part of Oregon and northern California once tried
>to form another state.

And of course there are the cases of Texas, which was a Republic before
it joined, and Hawaii, which was a monarchy, before it was, ah,
convinced to join up with the U.S.  Not to mention a number of states
that opted out and were dragged back in.  And Puerto Rico, which can't
make up its mind.  One could even mention the Philippines, which once
were of about the same status as Puerto Rico now is, but were let go.

Regarding Scotland, many Scots who went abroad did so either because
they were exiled for participating in events such as Culloden or because
they were declared redundant during the Clearances.  This may help
explain why so many people of Scottish ancestry outside Scotland
seem more fond of Scotland than of Britain or the United Kingdom.

>Portland, OR

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