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Re Sinclairs at War.

Hi Annie

My Dad Andrew John George Sinclair went to W.W. 1 three times. First try
was in the Gallipolli contingent and he was caught just prior to leaving
for that deadly site from Egypt.  He was two years underage at the time but
an excellent horseman and shot.
He was duly shipped home and as soon as he was of legal age joined up again
and off to France. Iv'e been told different stories of why he came home
from there but I know that he convalesced in England and went to Edinburgh
where he met many of his generation. He was sent home as medically unfit so
it may have been gas or trench feet - who knows?
He rejoined in Narrandera in 1918, was in the Army for about three weeks
and they found his medical discharge and so his third try ended about the
time of the Armistice.
Disappointing for him but lucky for my brother  and I who would never have
occurred if things had happened differently.

Sinclairs do seem to suit the Services. In the fourth generation down from
Dad and his brothers we have two actively serving, one naval reservist and
I think there is a fourth- not sure.

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