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Re: Suits of Armour

Donald where is your sense of romance???????  Once the suits were dug up - even if they were still unrusted and whole- we wouldn't have a mystery in our crypt. They may be in Gringol but they are still a mystery.
Fie upon you ! ( Not seriously.) But no, don't even think about it.
(Any way - where is Gringol ? I live in Australia so I've never heard of it.)
At 10:33 20/11/99 -0600, you wrote:
This is just an idea thrown out to see your reaction or meeting of minds.
As we technically own the two suits of armour burried in Gringol Chapel, could it be considered that we se if they are still if they are still in good enough shape to recover and put on display?
Donald H. Sinclair

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