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Honourable Ancestors

Hi clan.Ive managed to push back my generational links a little so reapplying 
to the group to look for possible blood links.Check this out and give me a 
buzz if you sense a kindred spirit.
Starting with me
Ross Sinclair (born 1946,in NZ,siblings=Jeanette and Gary)
Father=William Sinclair (born 28/11/14 in Edinburgh,emigrated NZ 1925,married 
Grace Eyre,siblings=Helen and Frank)
Grandfather =William Sinclair (born 14/7/1889 in Edinburgh,Royal Scots 
WW1,married Elizabeth Lennox 2/5/13,Printer,Compositor,emigrated NZ 
1925,Siblings=John,who emigrated to Australia,Alex who went to 
Texas,Donald-RGA HQ in WW1,and others)
Great Grandfather=Donald Sinclair (born 1858,presumably in Edinburgh, 
Typefounder, married Jessie Robertson 11/2/1881)
Great Great Grandfather=Donald Sinclair (Army man -died prior to 1881,married 
Mary Dunn)
That's all Ive got,bar a few details on the maternal sides.
Appreciate any help
Ross (in Melbourne)
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