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Different Programing

Last Saturday evening I was surfing the channels when I heard bagpipe music. 
I stopped on CNN and listened. I couldn't recognize the number that the pipe 
band was playing. Looking closer the members of the pipe band were wearing 
black pantaloons and a flat topped hat. Looking closer I noticed that the bag 
pipes only had one drone.
After the band finished, the announcer began talking about the number of pipe 
bands in Spain and how bag pipes had influenced much of the music of the 
area. He went on and stated that the pipes had come to Spain from Eastern 
Mediterranean countries. They went on and showed a gentleman playing an 
electric bag pipe. (What do you think of that Rory?)

Next seqment was a pretty woman playing a fantastic fiddle. It was Natalie 
MacMaster. She finished playing and talked about her childhood in Capr 
Breton, where if you didn't play the fiddle you were some type of outcast. It 
was an interesting part of this program.
The program went on and they began discussing Afro-Celtic music. Seems they 
now believe that Celtic music has roots in the African Nations.
This was an interesting program. I looked at the TV Guide for the name of the 
thing and all that was listed for CNN at that time was "Special Programming".

If anyone is interested, there are 2 great CD's on the market for the 
Holidays. Celtic Christmas is a collection of Celtic songs for the Holidays. 
The other is A Piping Hot Christmas. The spirit of Christmas with rompin' 
stompin' pipes playing christmas music. Different but good.
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