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Re: 11 November

My great uncle Kenneth Lawrence StClair died June 11,1918 in France of wounds 
received in battle at Chateau Thierry.  Kenneth was born in Eggleston, Va . 
in 1896.  His parents were John Henry StClair and Ada Phillips StClair.  His 
cousin Charles P. Renick saw him fall and wrote of it in a series of letters 
home from the front which were published in a Fayetteville, W.Va. newspaper.  
They were both members of the 77th Company 6th Machine Gun 
Battery,U.S.M.C.,AEF. We learned this poem as children and I always think of 
Uncle Kenneth when I see or hear it.  Thank you for reminding us of a part of 
our history that most of us were not alive to see.  I have the gold star flag 
that was given to my great grandmother as well as his book of common prayer 
that he was carrying when shot.  I never look at them without thinking of the 
loss to our family and wishing that we had a chance to know this wonderful 
young man.     Charlotte Gellis
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