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Pres. Arthur St. Clair

I see on John's website that Arthur St. Clair was listed as the 7th Pres. of
the Continental Congress but now I have come across another list taken
originally from the Biographical Directory of the American Congress.
The Presidents of the Continental Congress
(dates elected)

Peyton Randolph, of Virginia, September 5, 1774, Resigned, October 22, 1774
Henry Middleton, of South Carolina, October 22, 1774
Peyton Randolph, of Virginia, May 10, 1775, Died, October 22, 1775
John Hancock, of Massachusetts., May 24, 1775
Henry Laurens, of South Carolina, Nov. 1, 1777
John Jay, of New York, December 10, 1778
Samuel Huntington, of Connecticut, Sept. 28, 1779
Thomas McKean, of Delaware, July 10, 1781
John Hanson, of Maryland, Nov. 5, 1781
Elias Boudinot, of New Jersey, Nov. 4, 1782
Thomas Mifflin, of Pennsylvania, Nov. 3, 1783
Richard Henry Lee, of Virginia, Nov. 30, 1784
John Hancock, of Massachusetts, Nov. 23, 1785. Resigned, May 29, 1786, never
having served, owing to continued illness.
Nathaniel Gorham, of Massachusetts, June 6, 1786
Arthur St. Clair, of Pennsylvania, Feb. 2, 1787
Cyrus Griffin, of Virginia, January 22, 1788


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