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RE: Family History Project - Caithness Crest

Hi Iain:
I again returned to your home page.  Your photos really make me long to take
the trip from the USA over the pond to Scotland!  Perhaps that will become a
reality sooner than later.  I noticed the "Galley with the black Viking
raven" on the sail that you mentioned in your email.  I must say that
whenever I purchase new sails, I'll have to include a similar design.  Visit
my Sailing page if you are really, really bored!

BTW, per your comment, I have music on all of my web pages, however I
*always* have the "off" switch near the top of the page.  LOL  (FYI, the
other pages have Jimmy Buffett music!)

Yours aye,


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Subject: Family History Project - Caithness Crest

We were at St Columba's Church of Scotland in London (our kirk) last Sunday.
They have crests for all the Scots Counties and I took the opportunity of
photographing the Caithness Crest, the Galley with the black viking Raven on
the sail.

I have also discovered music on the web, inspired by Mel Sinclair's
Sinclair Website, either making browsing the site more interesting or
Yours aye

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