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Family History Project - Caithness Crest

We were at St Columba's Church of Scotland in London (our kirk) last Sunday.  
They have crests for all the Scots Counties and I took the opportunity of 
photographing the Caithness Crest, the Galley with the black viking Raven on 
the sail.  I have posted this on the Caithness page of our website, as I have 
not been able to find the crest, so inspiring with its reference to our 
origins.  Prince Henry's ships may have looked like this.

I have also discovered music on the web, inspired by Mel Sinclair's excellent 
Sinclair Website, either making browsing the site more interesting or 
irritating.  Still there is usually an "off" switch on your speakers and 
volume control!  The URL for my project is http://ourworld.cs.com/inslaird/"!

Yours aye

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