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SINCLAIR of Canisbay, Caithness

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Dear All,

I have been researching the SINCLAIR family for many years and this is what I have so far.  I would love to be able to link up with anyone researching the same line.  George SINCLAIR (b. 17. May, 1882, Canisbay, Caith., Scot.) married Helen MOWAT (b. 11 June, 1895, Staxigoe, Wick, Scot.).  Robert SINCLAIR (b. circa 1852, Canisbay, Caith, Scot.) m. Isabella DUNNET (b. 17 May, 1851, Huna, Canisbay, Caith., Scot.).  George SINCLAIR (b. 19 Nov, 1821, Canisbay, Caith, Scot.) m. Janet MCKENZIE (b. circa 1819, Dunnet, Caith, Scot).  Alexander SINCLAIR (b. 15 Jul, 1792, Freswick, Caith, Scot) m. Elizabeth WRIGHT (b. 8 Aug, 1791, Harrow, Canisbay, Caith., Scot).  George SINCLAIR (7 May, 1758, Strubster, Caith, Scot) m. Isobell MUNRO (b. 4 May, 1753, Brabster, Caith, Scot).  Alexander SINCLAIR (b. before George!!)  m. Barbara CAMPBELL.  Does any of that sound like your family?  If so, I'd be interested in hearing from you.  Thanks.

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