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Subject: Anyone going to Wick soon?

Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 20:32:37 EDT
From: DSinc39156@aol.com
Subject: Anyone going to Wick soon?

I remember a monument from the 1st. World War situated in front of Caithness 
Glass just north of Wick. This memoriam was erected in memory of a tank 
company that was funded by the citizens of Hempriggs and manned by their 
young sons. I also remember there was a least one Sinclair on that stone. I 
am wondering if there may also be a Laird listed there. Horizontal rains (go 
figure) were with me the day I quickly scanned the names and I now wish I had 
taken the time to read it thoroughly. If anyone will be in our old homeland 
soon, I would appreciate the information greatly.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis) ggg grandson of Hempriggs.

Dear Donald

We were up in Caithness with the Earl and Niven and our Norwegian Friends in 
April this year and visited Caithness Glass.  Both as an ex-soldier and from 
family interest, I studied the War Memorial there and could see no Lairds 
mentioned.  The number of Lairds in Caithness diminished greatly in the 19th 
Century (which is possibly why when people started writing Clan books, we 
were overlooked).  The only mention of "Laird" is at Canisbay, where it 
records the death of John Laird MANSON.

Yours aye

Iain Laird
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