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Nova Scotia Sinclairs

Hello folks,

I've been enjoying your messages, even though I've been quiet for a little while.  However,  a couple of weeks ago I went on an exploration through
Victoria and Simcoe Counties, and met some VERY distantly related Sinclairs,
who gave me a photocopy of part of a letter (writer unknown), which says:

"1832 - a whole family connection of some 40 people - Sinclairs, Campbells, cousins of grandmother Brown, Morrisons, came on one ship. One Sinclair family remained in Nova Scotia, no connection with them until war of 1939, when one Cpt. Sinclair looked up the Sinclair family in Barrie...."

So my question is this:  Do any of you with Nova Scotia connections have this
captain in your family history?  A captain at the beginning of the 2nd world war
was probably quite well educated, and fairly young.  If he was visiting Barrie,
he might have been stationed, at least for some time, at Camp Borden, in Angus,
Ontario, just west of Barrie.  The Barrie Sinclairs were our family - grandfather John would have died a year or two earlier, but his brothers Alex and Thomas were still alive and well.  

It's a long shot, but I'm hoping the captain made some notes, or wrote letters
back home about the visit.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Toni S.

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