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Re: Scots are everywhere

              As an immigrant circa 1958 via Canada to the West Coast, I did 
all the usual things that Scots seemed to do.  Joined the St Andrew's Society 
of S.F., went to lots of Scottish cultural events, became a member of the 
Clan Sinclair Assoc, USA Inc.  Eventually married a lovely Irish lassie and 
had two children, a boy called Andrew and a lass called Maureen.  Always 
managed to be employed gainfully and put aside a small percentage for the 
proverbial 'old age'.  We have been fortunate, however we always felt it was 
our responsibility to prepare for the future.  Perhaps this is the key.  
Also, even though I left school at a very young age compared to the schooling 
our children now receive, I managed to continue my education in my jobs, 
usually through foreign travel and added responsibilities.  I met Scots all 
over the World doing the same thing.  We all seemed to have a love of travel 
and adventure.
Our early education in Scotland was comprehensive and seemed to allow us to 
be in different cultures and make our way successfully.  It will be 
interesting to hear what other replies you receive.   Best regards,  Donald 
in San Rafael.
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