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Re: Scots are everywhere


The next time you travel out Arizona way, please contact me and I will try to 
round up some real Cowboys for you.  We still have some genuine horseback 
riding, cow herding, gun toting guys about.  Sorry my wife and I did not have 
our Clan Sinclair tent setup for the first Celtic Festival in Flagstaff in 98 
when you were there.  We were there this year and had many interesting 
visitors to our tent.  We will have our setup in Tucson on November 6 (three 
weeks from today) and in Mesa on February 26 and 27, 2000, We will skip 
Flagstaff next year because of it's conflict with our plan to be in Scotland 
on the Clan Sinclair Millennium trip.  Will we see you over there?  

Yours Aye,
Rufus Sinclair,
Arizona Area Commissioner
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