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Online Database--A future resource for Sinclairs?

We have had some discussions about resources in which information about 
Sinclairs might be gathered together in one place.  Currently, we have an 
international Sinclair database project with two volunteers staffing the 
project and contributions accepted from those who choose to participate; 
others have extensive collections amassed over the years, some of it 
published, other collections unpublished.

After using the new Illinois State Archives online index to Illinois 
[url is: http://www2.sos.state.il.us/cgi-bin/marriage] I have been struck by 
how flexible the system is.  I won't go into the details, but one can enter 
surnames only, first and last names, bride only, groom only, or both--and 
this can be done statewide or by individual county.

I don't know what the future holds for a Sinclair finding aid for new 
resarchers, but many folks with Illinois roots are getting leads from this 
resource, and

    I would encourage folks to visit the site and type in SINCLAIR.
        site: http://www2.sos.state.il.us/cgi-bin/marriage
    What if we created an index to Sinclair marriages?
    Or Sinclair heads of household?   Or?
    Perhaps the database could include e-mail addresses for folks willing to 
discuss   the lines/families/ individuals listed?

Just a few thoughts. 

 Best to all,
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