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"The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland" by"HRH Prince Michael of Albany"

"The forgotten monarchy of Scotland: The true story of the Royal House 
of Stewart and the hidden lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scots " by "HRH 
Prince Michael of Albany"

I have a copy of the book and have read it.  I would wholeheartedly endorse 
Niven's comments about the Stuarts, but the book, where it is not Jacobite 
propaganda, is a good summary of Scots History from ancient to modern times 
for those looking for an overview.  It does acknowledge the importance of the 
Sinclairs and Prince Henry's voyage to the New World, which must be welcome.  
"Prince Michael" was born Michael Lafosse, and is by all accounts a pleasant 
young man from Belgium who has adopted Scotland as his home and works 
actively to promote Scotland (in connection with his claim, of course).  He 
has a website at http://www.mediaquest.co.uk/RHSsite/pmintro.html which gives 
a good idea of the main drift of his book.  Most doubt his claims to Stuart 
lineage, though.  

Our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth I of Scots and the II of England Ireland & Wales 
is quite good enough a Stuart descendant for us and the Queen Mother a 
delightful Scot, whose home is the former Sinclair Castle at Mey.

And I, as Niven have sworn an oath of allegiance to our Royal Family in 
connection with my military service!

Yours aye

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