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At 12:54 09/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
On the contrary, I find your compilation very informative, and thank you for sending me a copy. Would you mind if I send a copy to William Mowatt, the blacksmith on Orkney. He is a very interesting man and is the third generation blacksmith at South Ronaldsay.
Incidentally he was in attendance at the Prince Henry Symposium and I have visited him a couple of times to share his thoughts and ideas in preserving the old SMITHY, as you would expect, Iain Sutherland is also involved.
Yours Aye

 I will send you an extra copy to forward to Bill Mowat with my compliments.  We married
 into the Mowats at one point in our history.  Mowat comes from the French "Mont Hault"
meaning a "high mountain".  The name has undergone some changes and is usually
pronounced "Mode" in Caithness and in Orkney.  It was this pronunciation which led to
the name being written "Mode" in the records of the Hudson Bay Company.  The Mowats of
Shetland write their name as "Mouat" and some Orcadians add an extra 't' just to be that
little bit different so it becomes Mowatt.

As the records of the Hudson Bay Company have featured in the Sinclair Discussion List
I am forwarding a copy of this e-mail to the list.