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The Stewarts

The Stewarts were a disaster for Scotland (and especially for the 
Sinclairs) whose
loyalty to the Stewarts and to the Catholic Church  (long after the 
Protestant tide
was sweeping across Northern Europe) brought about our downfall.

As for Prince(sic)Michael, he is a nonentity.  His own mother doesn't 
support his claim.
The book was written by Laurence Gardiner who should have stuck to his 
usual subject,
"The Grail Kings" rather than trying to resurrect a Royal House which had 
few redeeming

As John has indicated Bonnie Prince Charlie was half Polish as his father 
had married
Princess Clementina* Sobieska.  Incidentally, if Poland had a Royal Family 
today, they
would be direct descendants of the Sinclairs of Rosslyn.  If anyone would 
like to have
details of this genealogy, I will be pleased to provide it.  (It is in French).

Niven Sinclair

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