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Clan Sinclair Millennium Trip

From:  Brad Sinclair Barker, President, Clan Sinclair USA
           Mary Selver, Secretary/Treasurer

The response to the Millennium Trip has been terrific:  110 are going from 
the USA and 90 from other countries.  This is simply the most that can be 
handled at the sites involved.  There is now a "wait list" being kept for 
this trip, in the event some people, who have registered, are unable to go.  
If you would like to be added to this list, contact Mary Selver at 

If  you are interested in agroup trip at another time, let us know and we 
will maintain a list.  At this point we can't say when another trip will be 
planned.  Give us your preferences as to time of year and sites you would 
like to see.

We will keep you updated on our website - www.clansinclairusa.org. and in the 
upcoming issues of "Yours Aye".

We thank you all for your enthusiasm and hope you understand the restraints 
we are under.

Yours Aye,

Brad Barker and Mary Selver

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