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Re: What is a Laird? A fair question!

Thanks, John Q.
     Sorry, I'm not steeped in the lore,  I'm just a novice trying to trace
my ancestry.  Perhaps, I should belong to more of a beginner's list.  I did
finally find a glossary on one the the websites Gary referred me to and
learned that Laird can be a name or a title.  My query was on SINCLAIR's
because I've been puzzled by the connection for a long time.  Seems every
place my Henderson's go - so goes the Sinclair name.
     At first, I thought maybe children were being named after   Arthur
Sinclair as some were named after Ulysses S. Grant.  But it seems more of a
personal tradition then that and spans four generations that I know of.  I
know of no marriages in the family between the Henderson's and Sinclair's
but that certainly doesn't mean it didn't happen.
     My grandfather, Robert Roland Henderson, always claimed to be a Scot,
but recent research leads me to believe that my original immigrant was from
Northern Ireland.

1850 Census Rich Hill, Muskingum Co, Ohio
Henderson, Robert      79   Male         Farmer     IRE  (May have been a
                     Jane         70   Female                       IRE
                     Robert      30   Male         Farmer      VA
                     Jane         36   Female                       VA
                     Elizabeth   9    Gdaugt                       OH
               Robert Rolin   17  Gson        Farmer      OH
Children out of the home by 1850 but named in the Will:  Isabella McGonigal,
Alexander Henderson (+Elizabeth Dain), George Henderson, Walter G Henderson
(b. VA-1817) (+ Elizabeth Wells) , Frederick Henderson (+Caroline Scott),
and Mary Jane Covill (b. Brooke, VA/WV).

Two of the 'documented' Henderson/Sinclair's:
                John Sinclair Henderson (b. OH)
                George St Clair Henderson (b. KS)

     John St Clair was a friend and witness to the will of Robert Henderson
(1771 - 1852), Rich Hill, Muskingum Co, OH.  Also, Morgan Morgan was a
friend and witness.  There were ties with the McCaughey's too.
     Robert Henderson and several other Henderson's were buried at Mt Zion
Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Rich Hill, Muskingum Co, OH.
     Thanks to Jean Grigsby, Nivin Sinclair,  Donald James Henderson
Sinclair, Wanda and Gary for your messages and help.
Karen Henderson
Sunnyvale, CA

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