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Genealogy Posts--One list or Two?

I was about to post information about Sinclair/St. Clair in Nebraska in 
1870--anyone have a connection?  But, was not sure what we have decided 
regarding genealogy posts. Is it the desire of the group to have the 
genealogy traffic over at Gary's one-list address exclusively? [and meaning 
posting to the discussion list and the genealogy list is discouraged]  My 
thought had been that sending to both lists would maximize circulation, but 
over time the genealogy list was so quiet, that when Gary posted a note 
suggesting everything run through the original discussion list, I was 
inclined to agree.

Personnally, I would be satisfied with the original sinclair@mid.org list for 
everything.  My sense is that most list regulars have documented most of the 
family history that they can and are now hoping for a breakthrough on their 
brickwalls.  The volume of new searchers and active searchers seems somewhat 
limited, so that including it in the discussion list may not be that 
disruptive and overpowering.  Plus, the information, inquiries and responses 
channel into the list archives, which to me has always seemed like a terrific 
resource to create.

Thoughts from others?

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