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Kennett Sinclair, Royal Navy

Hi there.

i am looking for any information on Kennett Sinclair, born Inverness
ca. 1750, served in Royal Navy -- was bosun on H.M.S. Defence under Sir
Andrew Mitchell in 1785, when he married Anna Susanna Dell of Cape Town
at the Island of St. Helena on a return voyage to the UK.  He lived at
Brompton, Gillingham, near Chatham, Kent, England, where he died in 1803.
His widow and surviving children returned to Cape Town in 1807/1808.
His sons were Kennett Sinclair (junior), Andrew Sinclair, Thomas Sinclair,
George Sinclair Andrew Mitchell Sinclair and John Albert Sinclair, to
give an example of family names, while there were several granddaughters
by the name of Catherine Malvina.

I am also looking also for any Sinclairs with the Christian names of
Kennett (or Kenet or Kennet), and Malvina.

There are many interesting stories about their lives and descendants in
South Africa.

Thomas Sinclair (born 1794, died 1865) attended the Greenwich Hospital
School, before being sent out in 1808 by Lord Hood, to join his mother
in Cape Town.  He carried on business as a ships chandler with his
brother, John, and was the man who wrote out the first notice calling
for a meeting of interested parties which led to the formation of the
South African Mutual Life Assurance Society in 1845(now Old Mutual plc,
a global financial services company that was recently listed on the
London Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE 100 Index).

Thomas Sinclair's home in Bree Street, Cape Town, has been restored as
the "Cape Town Heritage Hotel", an upmarket, historic venue in central
Cape Town.  Sinclair tourists and visitors especially welcome!

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