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Sinclair swan

Hi there.

Does anyone else have links with Sinclairs who may have used the "chained
Sinclair swan" as a family crest or signet ring?

I'm referring to the description: "a swan argent, ducally collared and
chained, or" with the motto "Fight".

This was used primarily by the old line of the Lords Sinclair ((i.e prior
to the Jacobite period) when the title was recreated and re-granted to
the Sinclairs of Herdmanston family.

This emblem was used by some South African Sinclairs on Cape silverware
dating from the 1830's and on signet rings dating from at least the

The family is also in possession of a small solid gold seal, about 4cm
hign, which depicts this same swan and with it, a baron's crown.

Can anyone please help explain its possible origins?

The Office of the Lyon King of Arms suggests the seal was privately made
as a fashion statement, with the owner having no formal heraldic right
to use the swan as his emblem.

Any suggestions or information on the swan's usage most appreciated.

Kind regards

Dave Mitchell
Cape Town
South Africa

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