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Re: South Africa : Sinclair

Bill from New Jersey,
    There seems to be many familiar locations and names in both of our 
families.  Old family records and unidentified photos tell a similar story.  
To begin with the names-for at least three generations our branch of the 
Sinclairs seemed to use the same names, sometimes several first cousins with 
the same name.  For example- 
Generation 1- James Sinclair born abt 1789 and Barbra Groat Children born in 
                 2- Alexander 1830-settled in Galt Ont as per family history.
                     John 1818 at Gard Orkney
,                     James  1821
                        Malcolm 1823
                          George 1823 was postmaster in St. Margaret's 
                            William  1825- farmer in Olad Orkney
                              Isaac 1827 farmer in Olad Orkney
                                Robert  1832 settled St. Margaret's Hope, 
                  3. William  (1862)- settled in Middletown, NY initially- I 
have some pictures.
                        Catherine  (1863) 
                           Mary  1865  possibly married McMehan in New Jersey
                             Samuel   1867
                               Margaret  1868
                                  Robert  1869
                                     John  1870
                                       Alexander  1872 prospected gold in S. 
Africa with a relative-then    
                                                                 to New York 
                                         and three other unknown children (1 
died young)
                    4. Ann -descendants in Boston
                          John -childless
                            Alexander- childless
                              Raymond (so the pattern ended when they got to 
America)- childless
                                Mildred- descendants in NY State

Aside from the naming patterns that are similar to yours, a family history 
noted that there was family (from generation 3 above) in Aberdeen and  I have 
two family photos from Aberdeen.  Also there was an Aunt Naomi from New 
Jersey-unknown relationship.  Also noted from generation three above-children 
in Australia, two in Liverpool,  also in Barbsley, Glasgow and Yorkshire.    
    Maybe we have a link-        Sincerely,      Marilyn -  Orkney- Western NY
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