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Re: Sinclair Genealogy Digest Number 11

>Might I suggest that Lena directs the people to the person with the 
>original database (that way the original person can add more info to their 
>own database, & receive more live contact).

That's a very good idea.

>For example, when OCFA (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid) database came out, 
>the genealogical societies were up in arms, they were afraid that it was 
>taking away their hard work (transcribing & publishing cemetery 
>transcriptions).  But the database only tells the person name & the 
>cemetery they were listed in.  The site also tries to direct people to the 
>right branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society that published the 
>information (tho' people can go to the O.G.S. Collection in the Canadiana 
>Dept., North York Public Library).
>I would also suggest that the United States has the two best places for 
>genealogy research.  One is the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of the 
>Latter-Day Saints) Library in Salt Lake City (with their branch libraries 
>all over the world) & the Fort Wayne Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 
>where a copy of your  published work should go (also to the National & your 
>local Library), if you wish to keep it for posperity.

And for anything related to Scottish genealogy, a copy should go to the
Ellen Payne Odom Genealogical Library in Moultrie, Georgia.
A large number of clan organizations have made the Odom Library
their official repository.  Various Sinclairs will remember it as the
place that held the first event in 1998 celebrating Prince Henry's voyage.

Links to the LDS and Ft. Wayne Libraries and to the Family Tree are in

These places refer to each other.  The Odom Library's newspaper,
The Family Tree, has a current story about Ft. Wayne.  The Ft. Wayne
Library's web page lists both the Odom Library and the OCFA.  Etc.

>Rexdale, Ontario

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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