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Re: Sinclair Genealogy Digest Number 11

For our branch of the Sinclair family, I could see only positive aspects 
about the centralized files for our genealogical data.  Our branch has one 
remaining male Sinclair with no descendants (age 91).  We have documented 
only three generations before him.  Our chances of finding a link to prior 
generations lies primarily in our ability to find someone that descends from 
one of the branches, someone who remains nameless to us.  Someone who may 
stumble on to our database one day.

I certainly do not have the time invested that many others do, but if I can 
offer a tidbit of information to anyone who has yet to link to my branch, I 
am thrilled to do it.  I have yet to find anyone in my branch, aside from 
previously known cousins.  The more exposure the better.  I assume that many 
of us do not have access to major libraries or genealogical resource centers, 
nor the time or funds to finance genealogical expeditions.  Living in a rural 
area, such as I do, is not nearly so remote by the use of information posted 
on the Internet.  Granted the information needs verification, but it is much 
easier to find an original records if you know where to look and what you are 
looking for.

Lena, I will be happy to send information on our branch.  How would you like 
it?  Fortunately, I have found only rarely does the information flow in one 
direction- people willing to take information but not share.  That is the 
great thing about this group.  The willingness to share.  So much for my two 
cents.                                          Sincerely,  Marilyn
                    Orkney, Western NY
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