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Re: Sinclair Genealogy Digest Number 11

What a major accomplishment!  I bet it was time consuming and expensive to 
collect all that data, and naturally, sharing it in a--I am guessing on 
this-- copyrighted book provides a wonderful service to many.  

At the same time, I am wondering about availability of information for those 
whose book purchase budgets may be limited, and/or who may be simply curious 
or looking for information within a limited range of time and place?  Does 
anyone know which libraries have copies? Or perhaps, have copies been 
purchased by Clan Sinclair groups at state levels for reference use by clan 

For some, availability of such information online would be wonderful, 
but--and this is a question for Lena--information such as that Jean referred 
to can't be added to the data base without submittal from the author, 
correct?  Has any such information been submitted/included? [and I am not 
asking specifically about Jean's participation or not; rather, I am thinking 
more about works from earlier eras that are no longer in print, and 
situations in which researchers are not faced with recouping research 
expenses, as I am sure Jean is.]

 And beyond the content of the database,  how searchable/accessible will the 
database you are working on be?

Best to all,
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