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Re: Shroud

Dear Tim

If we all agree that the carbon dating was flawed and that the test proved
nothing we are still faced with proving the  shroud, an object "worthy of
veneration" is the burial cloth of our Lord.  JSQ has directed my attention
The Holy Bible" where in John Chapter 20:Verse 7 it states "And the napkin,
that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped
together in a place by itself." this is not the description of a single
piece of cloth.  The shroud is continuous.  "the napkin about His head....in
a place by itself" how did the continuous imprint occur?

This, of course does not advance the argument that de Moley is the imprint
that we see but it lends body to the argument that it is not the imprint of
the living God.  To prove something in the negative is hard,
if not impossible.  It is all in how you ask the question.

Did King Robert make a arraignment with the devil when at Bannockburn he
enlisted William Sinclair and the Knights Templer? The Papal Bull had
poscripted them de Molay was burned at the stake. Pope Clement V and
Philippe the fair dead  The order disbanded but in Scotland and Portugal
they found refuge, even land and honours.  The Scottish rite keeps de Molay
name alive.

I  erred when I stated that the carbon dating was released on the same day
de Moley was burnt it should read the carbon dating was released on the same
day the members of the Order were arrested  by Philippe the fair in the
early hours of Friday 13th October 1307 the royal seneschals descended upon
the orders Preceptories everywhere in  France and arrested every Templar
that they found. Philips actions were highly illegal, he had no authority to
arrest members of an order responsible only to Rome, but he hoped to justify
his actions with the trumped up accusations provided by two former Templars.
The royal troops  forced there way into the Paris Temple and placed the
Grand Master, Jaques de Molay, and 60 more Knights under arrest. The Knights
offered no resistance even though the Paris Temple was built as a highly
defensible installation. William Sinclair was at the time a postulant he was
not arrested they followed a secret order with grandmasters lasting until
1804 and probably still exists.

The Bishop of Alba read out on 18 March 1314 the confession of de Molay, he
had been sent to prison for life.  The Grandmaster replied
"It is just that, in so terrible a day, and in the last moments of my life,
I should discover all the iniquity of falsehood, and make the truth triumph.
I declare, then, in the face of heaven and earth, and acknowledge, though to
my eternal shame, that I have committed the greatest crimes but it has been
the acknowledging of those which have been so foully charged on the order. I
attest - and truth obliges me to attest - that it is innocent!
I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of
torture, and to mollify those who made me endure them.
I know the punishments which have been inflicted on all the knights who had
the courage to revoke a similar confession; but the dreadful spectacle which
is presented to me is not able to make me confirm one lie by another.
The life offered me on such infamous terms I abandon without regret."

his reply caused sure furore the when reported to the King Philippe ordered
his immediate death. The order was carried out the next day

The grandmasters that we after de Molay know the name of are under noted

Bannockburn was 24 June 1314  shortly after the quasi-judicial murder of de
Molay. 19 March 1314.  The wounds on the shroud are consistent with de
Molays.  I will wait with interest, God willing, for your book to view
evidence of the shroud being that of Christ. I have seen none only arguments
over a Scientific test which on propensity of evidence is flawed.


under note

Johannes Marcus Theobald
Arnald de Braque
John de Clermont
Bertrand Gueselin
John of L'Armagnac
Bernard of L'Armagnac
John of L'Armagnac
John Croviacensis
Robert de Lenoncoud
Galeas Salazar
Philip de Chabot
Gaspard Cesinia
Henry Montmorency
Charles Valasius
James Rufelius
John de Dufort of Thonass
Philip of Orleans
Louis Auguste Bourbon of Maine
Louis Francois Bourbon-Conty
De Cosse-Brissac
Claude Matthew Radix-de-Chevillon
Bernard Raymond

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> Dear friends,
> Re the shroud, suggest you read Ian Wilson's "The Blood and the Shroud"
> more importantly, Garza-Valdes own book, "The DNA of God" which, despite
> appalling title provides a compelling scientific argument for a
> re-assessment ofthe carbon dating. Early next spring, Element Books are to
> publish our latest work, "Rex Deus: the True Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau"
> which lays out,insomedetail, how the Templars held the Shroud for over a
> century before it passed into the hands ofd the de Charney family.
> Best wishes
> Tim
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