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A wee bit of Scotland in.......Indiana?

At the end of my 11 hour work day yesterday, I was making the 1 hour comute 
home, when I suddenly remembered an ale I drank at the Bower Inn in Caithness 
last June. I found a 4-pack of Orkney's Dark Island brew at a local shop and 
drove home to enjoy it. My wife's smiling face greeted me holding 3 packages 
from the mail box. 1. a package from Niven ( thank you ) 2. a package from 
Ian Sinclair 
( although the books were the reason we made the transaction I must admitt 
the first thing I read was the "John O'Groats Journals" you wrapped them in, 
Thanks again ) 3. the current "Highlander" magazine I subscibe to. All I was 
missing a piper and some RAIN!
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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