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Women with Templars to NS

    I am interested in your views about the following topics:

I.  whether there were women traveling along with Prince Henry's Templar
group to Nova Scotia.

2.  I believe that I have heard that the founding fathers joined the Masons
because it produced a group of men who could be trusted with secrets and
help during time of danger.  Do any of you have any concrete stories about
the Mason's role in the Rev. War?  I will be using this information in 2
weeks as I speak before my DAR group and tie the story then back to PHS.

3.  Does someone have a list of the Scottish clans that can be traced back
to Rollo around 1066?  By now every Clan must have roots back to Rollo but I
will limit it to the time when they came to Scotland.   Here is my list so
far: Sinclair, Bruce (wife), Jardine, Rollo clans.