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Re: Laird

Dear Tim

Geoffrey De Charney was the other Templer burnt with de Molay how did the
Shroud come into the hand of
his family?.

"On the balance of evidence
> available at the moment, it is highly likely that the Shroud is indeed
> contemporaneous with the time of Jesus and may even be his Shroud"

The evidence is that the Carbon dating may be flawed? A flawed test is no
positive edivence Knight and Lomas are not the only people
who feel that if not de Molay the Shroud has more probability of being
Medieval that that of Our Lord

Look at the other relics from the holy Land

In CE. 326, Helena went on a journey to ancient Israel and selected with
Macarius the sites of Christ's birth at Bethlehem and at Jerusalem, the
adjoining places of his tomb burial and Crucifixion, where she happened to
discover three ancient crosses in a cavern, one of which was called the true

Jerusalem "The Endless Crusade"
by Andrew Sinclair

"Here Bishop Macarius of Jerusalem came to Helena's help, by
undertaking, with a prayer for God's help, to place a sick woman on each of
the three crosses in turn, so that it could then be seen what happened to
on each of the three occasions. When she was placed on the first two
crosses, nothing happened. Next, however, she was made to lie on the third
cross., whereupon she was healed. That, it was concluded, must have been
the True Cross on which Jesus met his death."

"Constantine The Great" The Man And His Times
 Michael Grant
this is how Helena told the True Cross from the other two?

 Hattin in 1187,Saladin captured the True Cross it was supposedly recovered
and now if all the splinters were
reunited we could build a very grand house. Other so called religious
treasures of less popularity included the nails said to crucify Jesus,
as well as bottled tears and hairs from "The Virgins Head"

Please, so that I am not mis-informed,  cite the evidence for the
authenticity of the Shroud>

Best Regards


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