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Re: Laird

Dear Friends,

In respect of the Shroud of Turin mentioned earlier today. The idea that it
might have been the Shroud of Jaques de Molay was simply one of the crazier
hypotheses floated by our good friends Knight and Lomas to try and explain
the Shroud's origins in the light ofthe carbon dating which steted that the
Shroud was medieval. It was an idea for which there was not one shred of
evidence, direct or circumstantial.

Recent studies by an American microbiologist, Dr. Garza-Valdes has proven
that the shroud samples usedin the carbon-dating were contaminated andthat
thesusequent results are highly questionable. On the balance of evidence
available at the moment, it is highjly likely that the Shroud is indeed
contemporaneous with the time of Jesus and may even be his Shroud. The
contamination exceeded 60% of the examined material. The leading
scientistinvolved in thecarbon dating has agreed publically that the results
are now of dubious value.

Therefore, those fantasists who rushed to provide improbable answers to the
origins of the Shroud as a result of the carbon dating, have a considerable
amount of egg on their faces. The truth, whatever that may eventually prove
to be, may soon be revealed.

When I first read "The Second Messiah", Bob Lomas asked me what I thought of
it. I repliedthat it was well written but I did'nt buy their thesis. He
replied that he wasn't sure he did.

Best wishes


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