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Orkney. A group of islands lying at the north-east tip of Scotland. The islands are rich in archaeological monuments. Skara Brae is a well-preserved prehistoric village, Maes Howe the best of a series of impressive prehistoric burial cairns, and numerous brochs and settlements attest to the idands* Picrish and Viking periods. Orkney together with Shedand, became part of Scotland in consequence of the marriage of *Margaret of Denmark-Norway to James Ill of Scotland in 1469; the marriage settlement provided for a temporary transfer of the islands until a cash payment was completed, but the cash was never forthcoming and Orkney and Shetland remained Scottish.  CML (Mrs Charlotte M Lythe- Senior Lecturer, Economic Studies, University of Dundee)

Ref: The Oxford Companion to British History Ed. John Cannon. Oxford University Press, Oxford 1997

The Title "Duke" was first used in 1337.  It was reserved for Royal Progeny legitimate and otherwise.  The title "Earl" was the

highest non-royal title that could be held.