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Sinclairs & Lairds of Hempriggs House

I am the Sinclair with a connection to Hempriggs House. My great great great 
grandfather was William Sinclair b. 1793 @ Hempriggs House. I visited there 
in June of this year. It is now a Pensioner's home. While touring the Wick 
Heritage Centre, in Wick, I met a Mrs. MacDonald, she stated her late 
husband's name was Sinclair MacDonald. Sinclair MacDonald was the son of a 
Laird Lady who was also from Hempriggs House. I have since been informed that 
Hempriggs House was built by the Dunbar family. My William Sinclair married 
Henrietta Dunbar Sutherland.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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