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Fwd: FW: [LAIRD-L] Lairds of Caithness, Scotland

Can anyone help one of our cousins in the USA with her investigation?  This 
is an interesting development that may throw further light on the Sinclair - 
Laird connection introduced some time ago by Niven.

Yours aye
Iain Laird

Ian, in one of your notes there was this notation "There are references in
OPRs to Lairds  at Freswick, West Canisbay House and a Sinclair remembers
Lairds with Sinclairs to whom they were once related at Hempriggs House just
outside Wick."   

As you can see below, one of my Sinclair Lairds death records was in
Hempriggs.  Because of the name "Sinclair" twice in my lineage....the fact
that they lived in Sinclair country...and your notation above ...I'm
wondering if I could just trace it back a couple more generations that we
probably were related to the Sinclairs at Hempriggs House.

I contacted a company called Scottish Roots in Edinburgh and these are the
furthest lines back on the Laird side that I could find.

Sinclair Laird, farmer, married Jane Henderson (no marriage date or place
	Children were Jeffrey S. Laird - Jessie C. Laird - Lizzie I. Laird -
Hannah Laird - Mary Ann Laird

Sinclair Laird, farmer, married to Jane Henderson died September 10, 1910 at
Hempriggs, Parish of Wick

Sinclair was the son of John Laird (farm manager) and Jessie Laird
(Craig)...I have no birth, death or marriage dates for John and
Jessie.....do you have any references in Wick that identify these
names...with Sinclair Laird as at least one of their sons.

As well I have a relative with a rather unusual name....Alexanderina
Laird....daughter of Sinclair Mackay Laird and May Laird (McKay)....NOTE
this Sinclair Mackay Laird is the illegitimate son of the Sinclar Laird
first noted above.

That's why I was interested in your references to Sinclair Laird, since
there are TWO of them in my lineage, I suspected that the records you had
would pertain directly to them.

There is a reference to the Sinclairs in this geneology as well.....it seems
as if my Sinclair Mackay Laird married May Leith ...May Leith was employed
as a servent by John Sinclair on April 4th, 1881.

Barb Campbell
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> Dear Barb
> Thanks for your message.  I have recorded Sinclair as a Christian name 4 
> times in the attached spreadsheet which I have transcribed from the IGI
> for 
> Caithness.  This may be your ancestor.  I am copying it to Patricia who
> will 
> want to check it against an original, as a good sceptical genealogist!
> Yours aye
> Iain