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Robert Sinkler

I have some info. on your Robert Sinkler. He is listed on page 12 of a book 
of compiled records of the Sinclair family. The book is called "Descendants 
of George Sinclair, 4th. Earl of Caithness for Ten Generations". Robert was 
b. 1680 in Wells Maine. He married Elizabeth ( last name unknown ). Issue was 
John Sinclair b. 1713 d. 1770. Robert was the son of John Sinclair b. 1612 in 
Scotland d. 1700 in Exeter New hampshire. Robert's mother was Deborah b. 
1615. Issuse as follows;
1. James Sinclair b. 27 July 1660.
2. Mary Sinclair b. 27 June 1663.
3. Sarah Sinclair b. 15 September 1664.
4. Maria Sinclair b. 1666.
5. John Jr. Sinclair b. 1668.
6. Robert Sinclair (your connection).
Immigrant John Sinclair was the son of Henry Sinclair b.1580 in Caithness. He 
married Janet Sutherland. Henry was the "natural" son of John, Master of 
Caithness. Henry died while beseiging Kirkwall castle.
The Master of Caithness, John Sinclair, was imprisioned by his own father, 
Earl George Sinclair. He was chained in the dungeon at Girnigoe castle. He 
was fed salted beef, but given nothing to slake his thirst. He died a madman 
in 1577. Earl George is quite a story in his-self. If this info. sounds 
correct to you, I can send more. 
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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