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Fw: [GLSHIPS] Propeller St. Clair, Burning July 1876

Perhaps this will help someone.

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Subject: [GLSHIPS] Propeller St. Clair, Burning July 1876

> (Michigan)
> It seems that the late Judge J.W. EDWARDS, who lost his life last
Sunday on Lake
> Superior, by the burning of the propeller St. Clair, was on his way
from Ontonagon
> county, where he had been examining the property of the Cleveland
silver mine in the
> Iron River district
> The Burning of the Propeller St. Clair off Fourteen-mile Point,
> Lake Superior, 27 lost:
> Passengers saved: John B. SUTPHAN, Minneapolis, Minn.
> Crew saved: Robert RHYNAS, captain, Goodrich, Canada
> Daniel  J. STRINGER, first engineer, Duluth.
> Thomas BOOTHMAN, first mate
> Thomas FORTIER, wheelman, Sandwich, Canada
> Passengers whose bodies have been recovered:
> Capt T. B. MELLEN, Cornwall, Eng.,
> Ishpeming;....COLLINS, Duluth; S. STEWART, Duluth; Alex. SHEA,
Duluth; G.H.
> BEARDSLEY, Ontonagon; David LAWRENCE, Ontonagon.
> Crew whose bodies have been recovered: Wm. MCDONALD, 2nd engineer,
> Pennsylvania; Chas. FOREST, wheelman, Goodrich, Canada; Richard
> clerk, Detroit; Wm FRANCIS, cook, Bangor, Maine; John ---(Frenchman)
shipped at
> Duluth; Samuel BURNS, fireman, Belfast, Ireland; Pat MANNING,
lookout, Goodrich;
> Willie SMITH, cabin boy, Detroit;
> Passengers missing: Judge J. W. EDWARDS, Marquette; .. MCKINLAN,
> H.L.EATON, Whitehall, Michigan; Neil LEITCH, Manistee, Mich.; two
> names unknown, got on at Duluth and were bound for Prince Arthur's
Landing; a man
> who was supposed to be Irish, was on his way from Duluth to Houghton
and four
> passengers who got on at Ontonagon, names unknown
> More transcriptions from the newspaper:
> http://www.rootsweb.com/~mihought/rosscoll/rosscoll.html
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