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I now have more information about the book by William Crooker which claims 
to have found Prince Henry
Sinclair's Castle in Nova Scotia.  It is:

					"Tracking Treasure"		
					by William S. Crooker
					Published by Nimbus Publishing Limited
					P.O.Box 9301 Station A
					3731 MacKlarash* Street,
					Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5X5
					Tel: (902) 455 4286

					ISBN	1-155109-229-8

William Crooker is a professional engineer whose fascination with Nova 
Scotia's hidden treasures has made him
the foremost expert on the Oak Island Money Pit which has puzzled people 
for centuries.  His earlier book was
called "Oak Island Gold".  It is surmised that Prince Henry's Templar 
associates may have had a hand in the
construction of the ingenious devices which safeguarded the treasure which 
is supposed to be hidden in the money
pit - devices which have defiled treasure hunters for decades.

Niven Sinclair

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