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Re: Fw: [Albannach's Scotland List] Rosslyn Chapel

>This is a forward of a message I received a while back and just now had time
>to post it here.  Would anyone care to comment on this?
>Gary M. Sinclair
>Subject: [Albannach's Scotland List] Rosslyn Chapel
>>From: A Cameron Cunningham <cameron@cameronc.demon.co.uk>
>>If anyone is interested in knowing more about Rosslyn Chapel you could
>>get information from my web page, URL below, Go to 'Day Out' section.
>>Pictures of the 'Corn' and the 'cactus' carvings plus the amazing
>>'Apprentice Pillar' plus its story.

I'm guessing the URL he means is

I can't manage to find any of those things without that page crashing
my Netscape.  Can anyone else?

>>There I reproduce a 'Scotsman' report of a conference, held in Orkney,
>>where the Sinclair family failed to prove to the assembled academics the
>>accuracy of the Zeno information.

There's a similar report from the Shetland News linked into the Shetland page,

>>Rosslyn, above all other buildings, in Scotland is the most fantastic,
>>alluring and complex. Where fact and fantasy intervene is impossible to
>>know. Where else would you get pagan 'Green Men' in an Episcopal,
>>Christian, church. I find it best to just accept and enjoy it all as it
>>is and not try and PROVE anything at all.

But that would leave out half the fun of it. :-)

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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