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Re: King's English

Just for you Brits, I want you to know that I watch all the BBC programs we 
get over here on the western side of the pool. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, 
almost dead center in the United States. We are told we have no accent in 
this area so, consequently, telemarketing companies locate here. HOWEVER, if 
I were so fortunate as to be able to live across the ocean, I would quickly 
adopt the English way of speaking. Even Cockney has a musical lilt to my ears 
but, I'm told, it sounds harsh to those who live there. Just as some say our 
Southern accents are delightful, there are those here who think it sounds as 
though the Southerners have a mouth full of marbles (I'm not one of them). 
Alas, winning our independence cost us a magnificent way of speech. Soooo, 
I'll just have to settle for whatever the movie studios and the BBC put out.

As to the "he" and "him" thing, I don't know what I was thinking. I read it 
again and it was perfectly clear. Must have been the lack of sleep the night 

Your previously weak-minded cousin turned ill-spoken cousin 
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